Singing health benefits – is singing good for your health

As a child singing in general and learning to sing brought me so much happiness and pleasure, that now in the busyness of my everyday life I miss that simple pleasure of just singing for ME. Trying to fit practice in after an exhausting day of teaching and constantly using my voice is a challenge that I struggle with on a daily basis. Whilst in this frustration I remember coming home from school as a student, grabbing a drink and heading to my room and singing. I’d do the obligatory exercises and warm-ups, which I also enjoyed, and then rehearse my pieces for hours on end. I’m sure I drove my family mad!! However, at this time I didn’t experience stresses or tensions and I now realise that I used to release it all through my singing. I recently read an article from the British Voice Association about the benefits of singing and I thought I would share this with you.

Recent studies indicate that singing has significant impact on people’s sense of wellbeing.

Singing health benefits are:

  • Relaxation
  • Health & fitness
  • Educational benefits
  • Self-perception
  • Self –awareness
  • Friendships
  • Purpose & empowerment
  • Social support
  • Emotional benefits
  • Community

Singing has been shown to have positive effects on our immune system, by helping us to keep nasty bugs away. When singing in a choir or group the heart rate is affected due to the synchronisation of the heart and breathing rates, increasing and decreasing them in response to the music. Singing also reduces high blood pressure and improves breath control, even for people with lung conditions.

Self-confidence and self-worth are also valued benefits noticed by singers. Singing, particularly in groups, helps with low self esteem and can have a positive impact on social and work lives.

Advances in technology now allow us to see how singing and music directly affect the brain. Complex connections occur throughout the brain during the actions of singing or exposure to music. Creativity is boosted as well as the ability to solve problems.

Singing also has important implications for children’s education assisting them

in acquiring fine motor skills, memorisation abilities, the expression of emotion and the reward of self-enjoyment.

So get singing everyone! Whether it’s in the shower, the car, with a choir, or having singing lessons the health benefits are endless and rewarding for our mind, bodies and spirits.

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