How to Prepare for your Music Lesson

Have you enrolled yourself in a music lesion and don’t have the faintest idea about what is going to happen there? Are you in a situation that you don’t even know the proper way to hold your music instrument or how to stand when you sing?
There is absolutely nothing to be worried about!
Music lessons are usually taken up by choice whether you wish to learn just for fun or you want to become a professional musician. And if you love music and the instrument you are about to learn to play, you are in for a treat.
You have to agree that music lessons are nothing but a breath of fresh air from your daily routine. They are fun to be a part of and they bring loads of excitement because you are not only learning something new, you are learning something to play which is pretty amazing. Whether you are taking piano lessons, guitar lessons or even singing lessons, all your frustration goes out the window as soon as you step in to your class and see your teacher. Not to mention that once you perfect the art of playing that instrument, you will possess a skill that will always remain with you.
Coming back to the main point, there is nothing to fear on your first day of your music lesson. If you have played your instrument or sung before – great! If you just bought it a day ago, preparing for your first music lesson can be fun as well.

Macedon Ranges Music
Here’s how:

~ Show curiosity

There is no doubt that you want to learn how to play an instrument; Show it! Ask all kinds of questions and take notes about everything you find interesting. You may want to know who made this instrument or simply how an instrument or voice can be kept safe and clean. The choices are endless.

~ Research never hurts

Being prepared also means you know the A, B, C’s of what you are getting into. Just before you are about to go in for your music lesson, do a quick research about what you are going to be doing with the instrument and its history. In fact any information at all can be useful in class, especially when you can show it off in front of to your teacher *wink*Macedon Ranges Music
~ Checklist alert

Make sure you have a checklist prepared beforehand of all the things you may need on the first music lesson or singing lesson. You don’t have to take tons of things but take everything you are required to or at least what you think you need. Pencil, eraser, sharpener, an exercise book, a music folder, musical manuscript book and casing for your instrument unless you are taking piano lessons or singing lessons.

~ Practice if you can

This might not apply to someone who has never picked up his or her instrument but if you know a thing or two, the best way to be prepared for your music lessons or singing lessons is to practice as much as you can before your first day of class. Leaning an instrument is a fun process and what’s even better is your dedication and commitment. Once you nail your first music lesson, you’re good to go for the rest of the course. Good luck!

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